What Makes Crypto-Currencies Valuable?

Even for those who strive to learn as much as possible about them, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin can seem bewildering. All such currencies rely for their existence and security on some fairly involved and difficult mathematical concepts and techniques, so coming to grips with them on a technical level can be a long and grueling process. On the other hand, knowledge of that kind is not actually necessary to make use of these currencies. Still, even those who are not interested in low-level details often have some important questions of their own. Continue reading

Crypt-Currency Mining: What is It and How Does it Work?

The distributed currency Bitcoin has been in the popular news so much that even those who normally want nothing to do with technology have come to feel that they understand quite a bit about it. Beyond the talk of huge dollar valuations, shady, underground marketplaces, and other titillating subjects, though, is an interesting realm of technical details. The whole system, it turns out, rests on some pretty fascinating and innovative concepts. Continue reading

Famous Casino Vera John Announces Acceptance of Bitcoin, A Potential Major Gamechanger for the Controversial Currency

The support for Bitcoin has been anything but unwavering. Reception was cold for a number of months, before a mainstream explosion sparked it into the most notorious and fastest growing digital currency of all time. Recent months have been quiet on the Bitcoin front, which makes Vera John’s announcement so peculiarThe famous casino giant Vera John will be accepting Bitcoin as an option for gambling. This is the first licensed and regulated casino to accept Bitcoin as a viable option. It is catching huge waves, and Bitcoin is pressed to face a pretty wild resurgence given this new breakthrough. The company has provided some news on the specifics. For example, users can use the slots and win 5,000 Bitcoin in a single victory. The rate per Bitcoin fluctuates, but a single one was worth $1,200 at its peak. The road to this current success was anything but easy. The currency was lauded as a scam, and many countries outright forbid its use in major banking institutions. The hacks and security issues became secondary to the more important problems of legality and use. Continue reading

Ultimate Dream Prom Sweepstakes from Neiman Marcus

What is the biggest night of the year for most 17-year-old’s? My best bet would be prom night, and it’s soon approaching! My ad network suggested that I share this special sweepstakes they are offering for a chance to win $1,000 towards a dream prom package of a lifetime.
I believe you only have to be at least 15 years old to enter. It’s worth a shot for a chance to make one lucky girl’s dreams come true! Just click the shopping bag in the picture link above to get started. Enjoy! Continue reading

FREE Suave 24-Hour Deodorant at Dollar General

I made my weekly pop-thru at Dollar General and stumbled on a great deal near the check-out line. I saw that the Suave 24-hour Deodorant was marked down to $1 (At my store, anyhow—prices may vary), which makes it FREE (plus some) with either the $1.25 off of 1 Suave printable here (FF) or here (IE), or the $3.00 off of 2 Suave printables here (FF) or here (IE)! Continue reading

Lawn Mower Settlement: Are you Eligible?

Word is starting to spread as fast as the pollen in the air about the latest Class Action lawsuit concerning lawn mowers. If you purchased a push behind or a riding lawn mower with a gas engine up to 30 Horsepower, between January 1, 1994 and April 12, 2010, you could receive benefits from a Class Action Settlement. I mention this particular settlement, because I believe it is applicable to such a wide range of people.
If you own a lawn mower produced by one of the companies listed below, you can submit a claim for $35 back for a push behind mower or $75 back for a riding lawn mower. You may submit a Claim form online or by mail. For more information, go here. Continue reading

Walmart FREE Samples Round-Up, 4/21

Name your FREEbie (well… almost)! Here’s a round-up list of the current samples you can sign up for here, at the Walmart website:
1) NEW Eucerin® Daily Skin Balance Body Lotion
2) Benefiber Orange
3) Prilosec OTC (for 24-hour heartburn relief)
4) NEW Dove Men + Care
5) Root Awakening
6) Parent’s Choice Infant Formula
This is for U.S. residents only, while supplies last… so skip to it. Enjoy!

FREE Trees and Tees from Hanes in Honor of Earth Day

In honor of good ole Earth Day, you can have a tree planted on your behalf by the Arbor Day Foundation when you simply purchase any three (3) Hanes products and submit a mail-in redemption form.
In turn for your purchasing efforts, you’ll also receive a FREE eco-friendly Hanes t-shirt in honor of Earth Day (shown above). You can review the details on how to submit a claim form for this FREEbie at Hanesgreen.com.
I’m thinking you could find a deal on some Hanes socks or whatnot and easily enjoy the rewards of your tree conservation efforts with a t-shirt to show for it!
Make your purchases and submit your form between now and May 15, 2013.