Bits of Me

Thank you for stopping by for a bit. I’m Lara Whitt, a Christian wife and mom to 3 toddler girls… and this is my frugal blog. Other than my passion for saving, I love camping, hospitality (serving others), volleyball, mountain hiking, reading, cooking creatively, home projects, simplicity, giggling with my girls, chocolate and coffee. I am also on a more healthy living kick and love the wild outdoors. And let it be known that I detest doing laundry and cleaning out the cat box!
To me, being frugal is not just something I do, it’s transforming who I am and how I live, setting my mind to make smart, simple choices for my family in every day life. It’s having an awareness of the blessings that surround me and striving to be a good steward of those gifts no matter what rung of the economic ladder I’m standing on from year to year. It’s blogging and sharing to keep myself accountable and interact with others of like-mindedness.
For me, saving is not about “one-uping” someone else over deals I’ve found. It’s a journey that I take one day at a time, learning from others and sharing what I’ve gleaned along the way. If this is your mindset too, I’d love for you to follow on this frugal journey (through a reader or by email), where we learn to save together and have some fun along the way too… bit by bit.