Publix Spree

Giddy does not describe it… Luck was on my side as I ventured to Publix today, after an unsuccessful run to CVS for a $10 Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) snag. I spent $13.79 and saved $61.29 from coupons, peelies and in store savings. Here is the picture and the breakdown:


1 box Rice Krispies (.99 w/ coupon)
1 box Rice Krispies (1.99, no coupon, but was on sale)
1 box Froot Loops (.99 w/ coupon)
4 Coles frozen garlic breads (.39 each after four 50 cent coupons doubled)
1 Kraft BBQ sauce (FREE w/ coupon doubled).
2 Pedigree Dentastick (FREE after 1 coupon for each item. Note: I don’t have a dog, but these were FREE with the coupon, plus an overage, which means the coupon was worth more than the product was at sale price—leaving me with extra money credited towards my overall grocery balance. AND, I can just give these doggie treats away to friends with pooches).
1 Heluva Dip (FREE w/ coupon, doubled). Note: We say “Helooova” in my house, so my kids won’t learn a bad word (ha).
1 FREE milk (w/ coupon for buying the above 3 cereals mentioned)
1 milk ($1.39, as an in-store Buy1/Get1 special was taking place in the moment I was in there. I was in the right place at the right time, and I heard the deal didn’t last!)
3 Tidy Cat Litters ($4 total after I saw peelie coupons on the cartons. I was not going to get any more kitty litter during this BOGO week, as I had already purchased 1 with my printable coupon. But then I walked by and saw that there were $2 off peelies on the product, I was so happy! Usually stealers take them all and leave none for the actual purchaser of the product, which is thievery. Anyhow, I should have bought more! There is nothing worse than having to pay over $7 a carton, or more, for stinking cat litter. I love this deal)!
3 Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookie packs ($5.95 for 3 after 2 coupons. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have purchased this, as it wasn’t a great deal, even though it was on sale. But I LOVE cookies. So I figure it was like $2 a box for 75 cookies total. I’ll just eat them if I get depressed).
1 Edy’s ice cream (.50 after coupon—can’t beat that! And it was French Vanilla. It goes so perfectly with the the delicious blackberry cobbler I made tonight)!
Final Note: I have a lot of items stocked up now, and probably won’t have to to much more shopping this week except for some produce, bread and maybe some meat. I’m lovin it! And I call it a “spree,” because I feel like I’m winning something when I go!